Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not a story but real ..

Not a story but real ..

This is the true story,

hold your seat....

3rd december 2005 - I got fever 2dy. no preparation. i slept from
morning till 12. and i was much shivering and no aim to prepare.
i slept nicely today

4th december 2005 - I reached anna university. i was much kool with no intention or aim and i hav no idea that i l get thru

the apts round.

i was in 3rd batch and the batch was called at 4.00 pm

4.00 pm - question paper was given to me. ganesh(my friend) was behind me.

4.00 pm onwards - i satrted to do apts and managed to do 7 prblms and it took abt 25 mints for me.

after that it was announced that we hav jst 30 mints to go.

with tension i shifted my concentration to C. i go 28 ryt and 2 i was not sure. it took abt 30 mints.

4.55 pm - ganesh(my friend) asked the hr whether ther is -ve marking. i herd that and with nervous i answered all the

question randomly within 5 mints. (chumma randoma tick pannen).

5th december 2005

00.45 am - i got a call that i got selected in gd.i was asked to chek the mail.

6.00 am - i checkd the mail. i was askd to report ther by 10.30 am.

10.40 am - i m in anna university. that tim 8.30 batch was called ther.

2.00 pm - i was called for gd. my batch was 37 and my no was 5.

4.30 pm - we were given a paper to write a passage. the topic was
"why Caritor shud recruit me"

i wrote blah....blah.... blahh....

lunch brek

5.30 pm - i was in gd. my topic "Education system in India"

i talked blah... blah... blah....

5.40 pm - hr reported that i got selected.

after that i went to a room were many people wre preparing for technical round. no one was IT brach. all are ECE,EEE branch

student so no company to study..

6.00 pm - in that i found 1 group preparing C,C++ - i mixed up with them

7.00 pm - i found 1 group of gals preparing for dbms,DS as usual mixed up with them too...

7.30 pm - i was called for technical interview

A wonderful HR madam was der

madam: Tell me abt urself
me: blah.........

madam:tell about osi layer after knowing that i did my project in networking
me: explained...in my way..

madam:what you know abt C
me: i know C that i kno...

madam:write a progrm to reverse a string without strrev() function
me: wrote but without finding the length.

madam: write a program to find the length of this string without strlen() function
me: wrote...

madam: puzzles

"a says that her age is 51. b says that her age is 29 plus half of her age"

me: (worked out n mind nd said...)her age is 29

madam:r u sure....
me: (worked in paper nd got the answer as 58) 58,mam

madam: another puzzle

"you have 5 litre jar and 3 litre jar u hav to measure 4 litre"

me: explained the sequence...

madam:what is a pointer
me: explained

madam: (continuous firing....)
difference between pointer & array,pointer & structure,pointer & union

me: somewht explained...

madam:what is malloc()
me: dynamic memory allocation

madam: what is calloc()
me: messed... and said....not sure abt the answer,mam

madam:what is difference between structure and union
me:explained clearly..

madam:waht is difference between structure and class
me:told 2 points

madam: 1 main difference is there ,tell me that.
me: after yosiching... this is C and this is C++

madam: laughed...

madam: do u know dbms..

madam:write a query to select the name of the employee from emp table whose name starts with "john"

me: "SELECT * from emp where name = "JOHN" + * "

madam: are you sure that + comes here...?
me: sure,mam

madam: what is function overloading
me:function with same name and different arguments

madam:is function overloading an OOPS concept??

madam: sure abt your answer..

madam: can it be applied to c
me:no mam

me:sins it exhibits oops concept and it canot be applied to c sins C lacks OOPS

madam:what abt printf then, you can give different argument in printf then how can you say that function overloading is OOPs

me:as far as i kno, function overloadingf is OOPS

madam:do you have any questions to ask??
me:is this a HR round??

madam: no
me: k thanks mam , where can i wait.

madam: wait in the auditorium.
me:k mam

8.10 pm - getting inside HR (fat north guy)

HR: what kind of hair style is this man
me: its mother sentiment sir..

HR: what??
me: mther prayed to god that she will giv my hair if i got a job

HR: k thats fin, did your mother prayed for your beard also???
me: no its a trendy,fashion thing sir.

HR:what is Thatheri in your name(after seeing my resume expansion
of TK vinod)
me: its my fathers hous name sir.

HR:whrs your native..

HR: what language u talk in home
me: tamil sir

HR:and your mother tongue..

me: dont know malayalam sir

HR:do you stay at this address,old mahabalipuram road??
me:obviously (in an exclamatory way)

HR: whts obvious abt dat? you cud hav stayed with you frends also kno

HR:whats your favourite topic to speak?
me:abt my father

HR:can your father be a topic??
me:no sir but i lik to talk abt my father

me:spoke.... konjam poi... konjam nijam

HR:do you have gal fends
me: i hav frends........(he smiled)...... hu are gals

HR:are you working currently..
me:yes sir in XCavn corporate solutions

HR:whats your salary
me:5000 sir

HR: k you got selected in Caritor, when can you join
me: in a week

HR: y not 2morrow
me: i have to report and i was bound 2 company formalities sir

HR: k u take 1 month also no hurry, ur joining date willl be around jan 12th
me: k sir

HR:explained salary details & other details

HR: location preference??
me:??...same as my permenant address

HR: i asked abt your loccation preference..
me:oh k.

HR: do u kno wher caritor is
me: s sir,chennai and banglore

HR: is that ok
me:yes sir

me:anywhere sir..

HR:afganisthan is ok for you ah??
me: i hav to consult my parents

HR:y u need decide f your own na..
me:90% is ok sir but 10% i need to consult my parents

HR:k abt your language preference..
me:C is k for me sir

HR:we dont hav C projects
me:?? vb, vb.net sir..

HR:we dont hav microsoft projects also..
me: k atlest os based linux or else

HR:no we dont do thos projects
me: k giv me an range of option sir, i will pic 1 for me

HR: you are talking too much(with a smile..)

HR:k we do mainframe projects, is dat ok for you
me: sure sir

HR:can i write in here that your flexible
me:ya write as much flexible sir

Hr:its not much flexible, its very flexible
me:k sir

HR: k do you hav any questions to ask
me:how caritor differ from other company

HR: i will tell you when you join
me: k sir

me:k tanx by sir

HR:(holding my hair..kudumi) i shud not see this again
me:sure sir

i came out as a CARITORion...

moral of the experience: till the last moment i stayed cool,bold and confident...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


காதல் பரிசு..

மன நாளில்
என் ரத்தத்தை
பொட்டு வைக்க....


இன்று நான்


என்னை விட்டு
சென்ற பின்..
சில நாள்
மரண ஓலமாய்
உன் பெயரை

என் நெஞ்சில்..
கடும் மழயாக....

நீ கண்களால் பேசி
உதடுகளால் சிரித்த்தனால்
என் நெஞ்சில்
காதல் செடியாக...

அது அச்செடியில்

ரோஜாவை கிள்ளினேன்
என் உணர்ச்சிகளை அள்ளினேன்
உன்னிடம் என் காதலை சொல்லினேன்
காதலை அல்ல...
கண்ணீரை தான்...
கலங்கியது என்
நீ என்னை
மறுத்தாத்ர்க்காக அல்ல
என் காதல் செடி..
நெஞ்சில் ஒரு முள் செடி..

Friday, June 19, 2009

JavaFX Datatypes


var s1 = 'Hello';
var s2 = "Hello";

embed expression

def name = 'Joe';
var s = "Hello {name}"; // s = 'Hello Joe'

expression within expression

def answer = true;
var s = "The answer is {if (answer) "Yes" else "No"}"; // s = 'The answer is Yes'

join and concatenate

def one = "This example ";
def two = "joins two strings.";
def three = "{one}{two}"; // join string one and string two
println(three); // 'This example joins two strings.'

Number and Integer

def numOne = 1.0; // compiler will infer Number
def numTwo = 1; // compiler will infer Integer

explicit variable declaration

def numOne : Number = 1.0;
def numTwo : Integer = 1;


var isAsleep = true;

Duration (The Duration type represents a fixed unit of time (millisecond, second, minute, or hour.))

5ms; // 5 milliseconds
10s; // 10 seconds
30m; // 30 minutes
1h; // 1 hour

Void and Null

function printMe() : Void {
println("I don't return anything!");

function checkArg(arg1: Address) {
if(arg1 == null) {
println("I received a null argument.");
} else {
println("The argument has a value.");

More of this here

Sequencing in JavaFx

def weekDays = ["Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri"];

explicitly specifying sequence type

def weekDays: String[] = ["Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri"];

Sequence within Sequence

def days = [weekDays, ["Sat","Sun"]];

compiler treats this as

def days = ["Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat","Sun"];

shorhand notation for sequence

def nums = [1..100];

more of this in here

java fx at a glance

The JavaFX Script programming language lets you create modern looking applications with sophisticated graphical user interfaces. It was designed from the ground up to make GUI programming easy.

We will be declaring variables like

def a;
def b;
var ag;

calling the function like


function can be written as

function add(){
statement1 ;
statement 2;

passing parameter to the function as

function add(arg1: Integer, arg2: Integer){
statement1 ;

function with return statements

function add(arg1: Integer, arg2: Integer) : Integer{
statement1 ;
return result;

command line arguments

function add(arg: String[]){

def a = java.lang.Integer.parseInt(arg[0]);
def b = java.lang.Integer.parseInt(arg[1]);


Object is created by

Address {
street: "1 Main Street";
city: "Santa Clara";
state: "CA";
zip: "95050";

assigning to a variable

def myAddress = Address {
street: "1 Main Street";
city: "Santa Clara";
state: "CA";
zip: "95050";

nesting object inside another

def customer = Customer {
firstName: "John";
lastName: "Doe";
phoneNum: "(408) 555-1212";
address: Address {
street: "1 Main Street";
city: "Santa Clara";
state: "CA";
zip: "95050";

instance function can be invoked by


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best way to source control - Tortoise SVN

Hi Recently I heard about this source controlling software which is very light and easy to use..

Mapped to an online repository http://beanstalkapp.com/ now we are able to source control out projects on the move with all new , Tortoise SVN.

First, we need to create an empty folder and inside this we have to right click and say 'Create Repository here'

Now Click on the 'SVN checkout' and enter the host name for the repository and the checkout directory.

Now we will be connected to the repository.

After this we are allowed to access the online repository with all common source controlling options on the move.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Know some hashcodes

Some of the hashcodes of interest's are in java wrappers

Boolean - hashCode() - 1231 for 'true' and '1237' for 'false'
Integer - hashCode() - will return the primitive int value
Byte - hashCode() - primitive int value of the byte is returned as hashcode
Charater- hashCode() - primitive int value of the byte is returned as hashcode
Long - value of the following expression